Welcome to Beach Dog Walking & Pet Care

Beach Dog Walking & Pet Care is a reliable, high quality dog walking service in the Virginia Beach area. We raise the barcode in pet care and dog walking by using Pet Check Technology™ which uses mobile barcode technology, email alerts, GPS tracking, and online tools for accuracy and convenience. You will never have to second-guess where or how long your dog was walked with Beach Dog Walking and Pet Care. For more info on the Pet Check Technology system please click HERE.

Americans work longer hours and have more pets per capita than any other country. Dogs are an American's pet of choice. They are very social animals and need the attention and camaraderie of their human pack. They are naturally better behaved and happier when they get enough exercise.

All pets (regardless of species) are happier and healthier when they receive the level of attention and love that they require.

My goal in this business is to provide high quality dog walking services to make your life easier and your pet's life happier.

Call me for info and a free in-home consultation for dog walking - 757-383-4349 (Brenda Sinclair)